schiemann weyers


Натяжной мост, Амстердам, NL

The pedestrian bridge is situated in the natural landscape of the popular Rembrandtpark, close to the city centre of Amsterdam. It will re-establish the pedestrian network of the park, which has been interrupted by the introduction of the ‘Schipluidensingel’, a small waterway connecting the park with the environment on the opposite side of the ‘Lelylaan’. (See also Viaduct Lelylaan / Westlandgracht)
The bridge comprises two adjacent steel bands, laid out at the edges of the deck. They are fixed to concrete abutments, which are blended into the slopes of the embankments. The walkway is provided by individual, concrete planks, fixed atop the steel bands. The span of the bridge is 20 m and the width of the walkway is 2.5 m.
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